We aren't a traditional Dynamics 365 partner

At Supercell365 we can support you with your project selection process and implementation as required. This includes; training of internal resources; key resource provision; a voice with Microsoft and licensing decisions to optimise Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Office 365. 

We aren’t like a traditional Dynamics 365 partner and believe the project approach we offer to be a new and flexible way to support customers with self-implementation as an option, and to ensure that everyone in your business can achieve more. 

We like to listen, innovate and be inventive in how we help our clients to deliver successful projects and outcomes. 

Empower Engage Enable Enhance

We can support you with your project selection process and implementation as required

Option 1

Self-Implementing a Project

  • We can train teams and build teams within your business to deliver the project with flexible support at key stages through Supercell365. This starts with training internal people to make quick design decisions, project management skills, dev ops etc to allow you to take responsibility.

  • The outcomes we look for includes improvements in ROI, lower overall costs and retention of knowledge within the business. We work with you, we have vendor contact with the likes of Microsoft if required to help get through any lumps or bumps in the project.

Option 2


  • We take on more of the work than in Option 1

    But the reality is you have a high responsibility and reduction in costs for delivery

Option 3

Managed By Us

  • You may prefer the more traditional project delivery approach

    We will manage it completely for you including building our team within yours, transferring knowledge and skills, training and enabling your people to adapt to the new way.
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